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Heart of The Wolf Narrow Signature Talisman Cuff

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The quintessential Pyrrha collector piece, this bracelet combines multiple talismans into an eye-catching and deeply meaningful cuff.

This style of cuff can be customized by choosing different talismans. Please contact us for details.

Available online only.

We are committed to social and environmental responsibility — our jewelry is sustainably handcrafted with 100% recycled metals in our certified zero-carbon Vancouver studio using antique wax seals and Victorian-era imagery.

Pyrrha is a B Corp, a recognized member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (certification number 0000 4572), a Living Wage employer, 1% for the Planet, and Butterfly Mark certified by Positive Luxury.

  • Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era.
  • With symbolic meaning culled from heraldry each piece is designed to inspire the wearer.
  • Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Tireless | This talisman features a honey bee, representing community, diligence, and spirited effort.
  • Love Truth | This talisman reads 'Love Truth'. The hand with a heart in its palm is a symbol of sincerity.
  • Higher Power | The eye surrounded by rays of light is a symbol of divine providence. This talisman reads "May It Watch Over You" invoking guidance and protection from a higher power.
  • Follow Your Dreams | This talisman features an eagle with wings spread, symbolic of the freedom obtained by following your dreams. The rose signifies the passion that is ignited by doing what you were meant to do.
  • Heart of The Wolf | This talisman features a wolf, a feared and misunderstood creature of high intelligence, fierce loyalty, and deep compassion.
  • Everything For You | This talisman reads, j'les Conjure Tous Pour Votre Bonheur, in French, meaning I Wish Happiness For You. The sun, moon and stars represent love without limits.
  • Unbreakable | This talisman reads 'Flecti Non Frangi' in Latin, meaning 'To be Bent not Broken'. It refers to one who can endure hardship yet still remain true to themselves. The raven signifies hope and is believed to have keen vision that pierces through all darkness.
  • Direction | The compass rose on this talisman helps you to find direction and keep you on the path to your heart's true desires.
  • New Beginnings | The crescent moon featured on this talisman is symbolic of new beginnings and the making of dreams into reality.

  • Cuff width varies dependent on talisman choice.

Style code: C1-8101