Pyrrha is a Certified B Corporation

We believe that successful business does not have to come at the expense of people or the planet.

As a certified carbon neutral B Corporation, we are committed to environmental responsibility, accountability and leadership in the creation of our talisman jewelry. In an industry where sustainability is not commonplace, we make every effort to reduce our footprint by being conscious in all stages of in house production.

Believing in the necessity of sustainable solutions, we circumvent the damaging impacts of mining by casting our jewelry from 100% reclaimed precious metals. All of our printed materials use recycled and FSC certified paper products with biodegradable inks, and outgoing orders are shipped in recycled paper packaging.

In an effort to support the community that we are so proud to be a part of, we rely almost solely on in-house production, give preference to local suppliers, and purchase from fellow B Corps whenever possible. With our production studio located in bicycle-friendly Vancouver, a large portion of our staff bike or walk to and from work every day. We have locally grown organic food delivered every week for our team and through our growing recycling and composting program we are on our way to becoming a zero waste company.

We are pleased to extend our in house recycling program to our customers and will happily recycle and properly dispose of any Pyrrha materials you wish to send back to us.

Pyrrha is committed to monitoring its impact on the environment.