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She Wore Her Scars Like Wings charity necklace

Paris nights; skinny dipping; star-gazing; the promise of finding love that transforms us — that's the romantic currency that makes Atticus's bon mots so, well, bon. While the anonymous, wildly popular Instagram poet's passionate lines may make you want to drop everything to drink whisky on a moonlit beach, Atticus also has an uncanny way of inspiring us through his celebration of the beauty of human imperfection.

A couple of years ago his first book of poetry, Love Her Wild, moved us to collaborate with Atticus Poetry by creating a symbolic necklace inscribed with his prose for a charity that supports young people struggling with anxiety and depression. Through the sale of our "Love Her But Leave Her Wild" talisman, we raised over $35,000 USD for To Write Love on Her Arms.

Atticus recently launched his third collection of works, The Truth About Magic. This time, we were inspired to collaborate on a talisman that honors one of the poet's most powerful messages, that is, that our perceived imperfections are our greatest source of strength and beauty. Our talisman features a blooming rose symbolizing joy, and wings representing freedom, along with a notable line from the new book: "She Wore Her Scars Like Wings."

She Wore Her Scars Like Wings - Pyrrha x Atticus Talisman

There's a strong synergy between Pyrrha's ethos and those words. Every piece of our symbolic jewelry, designed by Wade and I and sustainably handcrafted in our Vancouver studio, celebrates the inherent power and allure of imperfection; we whole-heartedly embrace the cracks and flaws in the wax seals that give each talisman its unique character.

We hope the sentiment behind this new collaboration will resonate with women around the world, and we're so looking forward to bringing funding and awareness to another worthy cause. This time, $50 from the sale of each of these sustainably handcrafted necklaces will support The Jed Foundation's Love is Louder program, a charity dedicated to creating more supportive communities and campuses for teenagers and young adults. Proceeds from the talisman will be directly invested in #LoveisLouder programs combatting bullying, discrimination, self-image issues, and the harmful aspects of social media.

We hope you wear your scars with all the pride and fearlessness you can find deep inside yourself, and we trust that this piece of wearable poetry will inspire you, and those around you, to dig deeper still.

To help us support Love is Louder, click to purchase She Wore Her Scars Like Wings.


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