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Poesy rings: Tiny love poems that celebrate the best of you

August 22, 2019 2 min read


A few weeks ago, in a Vancouver café, I saw a tattoo on a young woman that made me smile and like her instantly. Printed across her wrist, facing her, were the words, ‘you got this.’ What a lighthearted but powerful gift of reassurance and self-love.

I’ve contemplated getting a tattoo forever — in particular over the past year, as I’ve hit some personal milestones and felt myself grow and strive in fresh ways. I’m ready to tell part of my story in permanent ink on my skin in a few carefully chosen words (sorry, no spoiler here). For me, a tattoo will serve as both a deeply personal promise, and a public commitment of what I value; it’s a glimpse into, and a reminder of, who I am and how I believe I want to be.

A few carefully chosen words can have such significant positive effect on our psyches. 

I’ve found that impact when wearing one of our handcrafted poesy rings that reads Esse Quam Videri  Latin for ‘to be rather than to seem.’ 

The original, 17th-century versions of poesy rings (sometimes spelled posey, or posie) were inscribed with tiny love poems, and popularly exchanged between lovers. The name was derived from the French word poésie, meaning poem.

At Pyrrha, Wade and I decided that, rather than serve as romantic tokens, poesy rings are the perfect medium for holding meaningful personal quotes. Why wait for a lover to give you one when you know, better than anyone, what drives and inspires you?

I chose mine as a reminder to always strive for authenticity in my words and actions. I find myself twisting it on my finger when I occasionally feel my aim wavering from that target; that little ring, those three words, have boosted my courage to remain true to myself more times than I can count. I sometimes stack the narrow band with another favorite poesy ring: ‘carpe diem,’ which means ‘seize the day.’ That one has nudged me to say yes with enthusiasm when my young daughter asks me to skip down the sidewalk with her, and always say yes to ice cream (also, happily, more times than I can count).

I’d love it if you found your words in this collection of poesy rings. Don’t expect them to capture absolutely everything about you. If you think about what matters to you most, however, you might find magic in communicating something of yourself, to yourself, that lifts you up and keeps your heart light. A tiny love poem that celebrates the best of you.




Choose a poesy ring that speaks to you.



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