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Q+A with wardrobe stylist Trish Summerville

Name an atmospheric movie or TV series with unique style, and chances are good that Trish Summerville is behind its striking look and feel. The American wardrobe stylist's keen eye added unexpected depth and narrative force — not to mention a spectacular dose of sophistication and sexiness — to The Hunger Games, Westworld and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She's also set the sartorial tone for recording artists from Pink to Justin Timberlake.

To our pride and delight, Trish frequently pulls our symbolic talismans into her work, including 'Integrity,' which was worn by Carrie Coon in Gone Girl. As well, our pieces are her go-to post-show gift for actors and screenwriters, including her choice of 'Never Look Back' for Jennifer Lawrence; 'Dragon in Crown' for Rooney Mara; and 'Lion Head' for Chris Hemsworth and 'We Part to Meet Again' for crew members.

Eager to learn about her experiences in the industry, we asked Trish a few questions…

Your enviably eclectic career as a stylist has been called the 'gig of a lifetime.' Does it feel like that to you most days?

Ha, that depends on the day! Generally, yes. I truly am grateful and really enjoy my work. What keeps it interesting is that each job is completely different from the last. I enjoy working with actors and being a part of helping them transform into their character and helping tell the story.

How did you get your start?

I went to college for fashion design, and then began designing music videos and tours and editorials, which lead into commercials and film. I've focused primarily on film for the last few years.

What are you working on now, and what's your starting point for sourcing wardrobe and accessories?

I'm currently on See, a new show for Apple. When I start a project, I begin by breaking down the scripts and doing lots and lots of research. This show is considered a 'made-to-order' or 'build show' as we are making or building ninety percent of all the garments. We sourced large amounts of fabrics to fit into the world of the show.

Pyrrha frequently shows up in shows and movies you've styled — what draws you to it?

I first purchased a Pyrrha talisman for myself more than 10 years ago. I've also bought several pieces for friends, family and colleagues over the years. Personally, I love searching the designs and descriptions to fit the individual or occasion perfectly, and then watching them open it to read the note card describing the meaning and origin. In terms of professional styling, with Pyrrha, there is such a variety in meanings and style and hand-crafted shapes that I'm able to find pieces that represent or help tell the story of an actor.

Pyrrha is designed to be layered; do you have 'rules' around mixing metals or styles or is there no wrong way?

What's so wonderful about Pyrrha is that you can find a piece you love that reflects you, and mix it with your own pieces to make it uniquely your own. I don't feel there are rules about wearing jewelry — I generally wear a mix of metals and stones with contemporary, ethnic and vintage pieces.

Lastly, do you have a personal favourite talisman?

I like 'What Once Was.' It’s a little skull, and a saying that resonates with me. Life is fleeting and its a little reminder to live fully.

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