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Not just a necklace: Pyrrha in film

October 23, 2019 3 min read

Not just a necklace: Pyrrha in film


Nothing is more gratifying to us in our work than receiving notes from, and having spontaneous conversations with, exuberant strangers who find motivation or comfort in our handcrafted talismans. Those stories — your stories — inspire our work every day.

Still, it has always been fun and affirming for us to see our handcrafted jewelry in film and on TV. We often have the unique pleasure of conferring here in our Vancouver studio or in our flagship store in L.A. with costume designers, and sometimes actors themselves, to help them choose personal talismans for their project.

A unique aspect of our jewelry is that it’s rarely chosen — not by regular customers nor by Hollywood — as merely an accessory. Our talismans are designed around rich symbolism intended to foster connection and illuminate personal storytelling. When a designer or actor comes in to choose a piece, our conversation pivots not on its beauty but on the role it will play in moving a narrative forward or adding depth of character.  

One of our favorite examples of that can be seen in the movie Wonder. In preparation for the role of Isabel Pullman in 2017’s Wonder, Julia Roberts personally selected two meaningful talismans that resonated with her character. We worked with a costume team, guided by notes from Julia, to ensure she felt a connection to the talismans she wore. In her role as a mother to a boy with severe facial differences, Julia wore our While I Breathe I Hope as well as our Creativity ring throughout the movie, both of which told audiences something about the nature of her strength. True to our intention of designing and handcrafting meaningfully rich pieces, a talisman becomes an heirloom within the story when (no spoiler here) it gets passed along from one generation to another.

Likewise, in the 2018 film Tully, one of our talismans helps flesh out Charlize Theron’s character, a mother on the edge of losing her sanity and sense of self. Our deeply symbolic Eternal Freedom talisman, which features a double ring representing eternity, and a key for guardianship and liberation, expresses the character’s yearning — a theme that winds its way through the movie. In 2017’s survival drama The Mountain Between Us, Kate Winslet wears three talisman charms on a 14K Charm Holder Necklace, including the Gryphon Shield Talisman Charm (for bravery), the 14K Heart Lock Symbol Charm (a symbol of surrendering to love) and a 14K Moon and Stars (for truth, clarity and guidance). And in this year’s The Art of Racing in the Rain, actor Amanda Seyfried wears a 14K Eternal Devotion talisman, which features a heraldic rose — a fitting representation of love that survives time and death.

As often happens, Danielle and I hear from production crews who have fallen in love with our jewelry on set, and end up placing personal orders to celebrate the end of a show or season. This happened recently with the TV series Charmed, where Melonie Diaz wears Crossed Daggers, and the costume team gifted each other talismans at the wrap of season two.

Most happily, our film and TV connections have been the source of many cherished relationships. Renowned costume designer Trish Summerville (Hunger Games, Gone Girl, Westworld) is a friend and Pyrrha fan (definitely a Mutual Admiration Society situation). One of her favorite wrap-gifts for production crews is our talisman featuring an image of open scissors and the words We Part to Meet Again.

We’re counting on it.


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