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Julia Roberts wears a meaningful Pyrrha necklace in her new film Wonder

November 29, 2017 2 min read

Julia Roberts wears a meaningful Pyrrha necklace in her new film Wonder

If you recently watched the movie, Wonder, and thought you saw Julia Roberts wearing a Pyrrha talisman necklace, you have a keen eye. We routinely have stylists and costume designers visit our studio to select meaningful jewelry for television shows and films, but when the team from Wonder showed up to pull some talismans for Julia Roberts character and others, we were buzzing.

Julia Roberts wears Pyrrha in the film Wonder

In preparation for the role of Isabel Pullman in the film, Julia had a personal hand in selecting symbolic jewelry that resonated with her character. As the mother of a boy with severe facial differences who navigates public school for the first time, she chose Pyrrha's While I Breathe I Hope talisman necklace and Creativity talisman ring. The eagles featured on the necklace are symbols of strength and courage, while the sparrow on the ring speaks of higher thoughts and ideals, reminding us to use creativity to solve problems.

We had the pleasure of watching the movie over the weekend, and it’s a great example of how Pyrrha jewelry can provide another symbolic layer to the storyline of a film. Not only does Julia wear two meaningful pieces, but her daughter Via wears our Selflessness talisman, gifted by her grandmother as a token of the sacrifices she makes for her brother’s well-being.

This isn’t the first time that Julia Roberts has been seen wearing our handcrafted jewelry on the big screen – her character wore our Aurora and Cupid intaglio in the film Larry Crowne. Plus, Julia's husband, Daniel Moder bought her Pyrrha's Mum talisman for Mother’s Day several years ago.

To see more of your favorite actors wearing Pyrrha and the symbolism behind the pieces, visit our press page.

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