IT'S PERSONAL - Pyrrha stories and a meaningful new video

After nearly twenty-five years, we're still incredibly inspired by the strength and joy that moves people to not only choose a particular talisman, but by the personal stories they share with such vulnerability and generosity. That's what guides our work every day. We design with mindfulness around how a talisman might infuse a life with optimism and connectivity, elevate courage or resonate as an expression of love.

Still, it's only once a piece is chosen and worn that a story comes to life. That's what gives our talismans their unique richness — the way they hold the dreams, stoke the memories or alleviate the fears of their wearers.

We recently received a note from a woman who told us she found strength in her Fire Within talisman to stay positive before and after brain surgery. Another woman wrote to say that her 101-year-old grandmother relies on an Anchor talisman to steady herself as she struggles with dementia. Yet another recently shared that her Butterfly reminds her that when life feels like a difficult journey, beauty awaits.

The stories behind every talisman are personal and infinite — we'd love to hear yours.



With gratitude,

Danielle and Wade Papin