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Any day can be a fresh start

January 03, 2020 2 min read

Any day can be a fresh start


We can be hard on ourselves sometimes when it comes to making and sticking to our New Years resolutions, but truly, anything that gets us thinking about changing and growing is a positive thing. Failing is never bad as long as we try to do better the next time. Failure actually teaches us more about growth than success does. Life, like meditation, is a journey. We don’t expect to instantly be able to clear our minds and ascend to enlightenment the moment we decide to take up a practice because we know it’s a process. If you don’t reach your fitness, career or relationship goals on the first try, just bring your awareness back and try again.

Timing isn’t what’s important. The beauty of positive change is it doesn’t need to take place at the beginning of a new year or after a holiday or even on a Monday. We have the power inside us to make simple adjustments throughout the year that can deeply impact our lives over time. Expecting change to happen immediately just creates undue pressure and sets us up for disappointment. Instead, what we really need is a shift in our thinking: a decision to try to be more mindful about all of the things we do. Moving through our days keeping that at the forefront of our minds is what actually gets us on track to fulfill our goals and achieve our life’s purpose.

Follow us on Instagram and post a comment about your intention for the year ahead, whether you’re ready to start today or not. Choose the talisman that you think would be the best reminder of that intention.  If you’re in LA and prefer the low-tech approach you can go into the store to enter.

Two lucky people (one from the Instagram entries and one person from the store entries) will win their chosen talismans, up to $250 value. Entries will be collected until midnight (PST) on January 10th. Winners will be chosen at random. Online winner must be following @pyrrhajewelry to win. Draw will take place on January 11th. 

Be well, and good luck!

Wade and Danielle

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