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Our Mission

It's our mission to make meaningful and sustainable jewelry that fosters connection through personal storytelling.


We create sustainable jewelry that holds personal significance for those who wear it. People connect with symbols and their meanings, and the individual way they resonate with their personality, ambitions, struggles or source of joy. Our intention with our talismans is to offer inspiration, connection, or simply a bit of comfort. 


The stones Deucalion had thrown were formed as men,
Those from Pyrrha’s hand reshaped as women.
Hence we are hard, we children of the earth,
And in our lives of toil we prove our birth.


Inspired by the idea of metamorphosis, we took the name Pyrrha from the Greek myth of Pyrrha & Deucalion. To us, the name is symbolic of both a physical change — the transforming of metals into jewelry — and an emotional transformation for the wearer.