Multi Talisman Charm Cuff


The quintessential Pyrrha collector piece, this bracelet combines multiple talisman charms into an eye-catching and deeply meaningful cuff.

This cuff can be customized by choosing the talisman charms.  Please email us for more details.  

  • Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era.
  • With symbolic meaning culled from heraldry each piece is designed to inspire the wearer.
  • Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Vanity | This talisman features a heart enclosing a skull and crossbones—the symbol of mortality, representing the transient nature of the material world.
  • Look Within | The star featured on this talisman is a reminder of the inner light that guides our dreams and ambitions.
  • Resourcefulness | Ducks signify a person who is inventive, the chevron, the ability to accomplish arduous tasks.
  • Wonder | The flower in the figure’s hand represents young life and reminds us to retain a childlike sense of wonder.
  • Pride | The peacock, with its tail feathers spread, signifies beauty and pride.
  • Magnetism | This talisman features a rooster, the most magnetic and sensitive of all birds. It projects confidence to all in its presence.
  • Prepare & Be Rewarded | This talisman features a figure shown with a bow and arrow representing one who has prepared for the challenge ahead. The dragon is symbolic of hidden treasure.
  • Contemplation | The waning moon featured on this talisman represents peace and reflection, while the stars symbolize the need to discover one’s own inner light.
  • Heroism | The gryphon featured on this talisman represents death defying bravery and valor. The stars are symbolic of the presence of divinity.
  • Truth & Enlightenment | The stars featured on this talisman represent truth; the crescent moon, enlightenment.
  • Fleur de Lys Shield | The four fleur de lys featured on this talisman represent light and life.
  • Peace & Security | The castle represents security and the dove, peace.
  • Rejuvenation | The branches on this talisman are symbolic of new life and the crescent moons represent hope and renewal.
  • Angel | This talisman features an angel, the bearer of good news and a symbol of light and joy.
  • Cupid's Arrows | Shown being pierced with arrows, the heart featured on this talisman is symbolic of intense love.

  • Contemplation talisman measures approx. 1/2" x 1/2".