Knowledge Narrow Signature Talisman Cuff

Size Guide

The quintessential Pyrrha collector piece, this bracelet combines multiple talismans into an eye-catching and deeply meaningful cuff.

This style of cuff can be customized by choosing different talismans.  Please contact us for details.  

  • Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era.
  • With symbolic meaning culled from heraldry each piece is designed to inspire the wearer.
  • Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Love Truth | This talisman reads 'Love Truth'. The hand with a heart in its palm is a symbol of sincerity.
  • White Light | This talisman features a unicorn whose brilliant horn drives away the darkness and evil of the night. White light helps to heal and to transform negativity into positivity.
  • Higher Power | The eye surrounded by rays of light is a symbol of divine providence. This talisman reads "May It Watch Over You" invoking guidance and protection from a higher power.
  • True Self | This talisman features a winged heart symbolic of one's true self and a wreath signifying growth.
  • Knowledge | This talismans reads 'La Fin Depend Du Commencement' in French, which means 'The End Depends on the Beginning'. The ouroboros, a snake swallowing its own tail, is symbolic of the perpetual nature of education.
  • Vanity | This talisman reads 'Omnia Vanitas' in Latin, meaning 'All is Vanity'. It features Chronos, the God of Time, presenting a heart enclosing a skull and crossbones'the symbol of mortality, representing the transient nature of the material world.
  • Live Fully | The hand holding a skull is a reminder to live in the present with passion and gratitude.
  • Dagger | This talisman reads 'Courage Sans Peur' in French, which means 'Courage Without Fear'. The dagger is a symbol of power, justice, and valor.
  • Such Is Life | This talisman reads 'Such is Life'. Ships symbolize wanderlust and an ability to weather all of life's conditions.