Hermes Intaglio Necklace


Hermes was the God of travelers, poets, and invention. He was also a cunning trickster and because of this was known as the God of Thieves. He wore winged sandals and a winged hat, and was a translator: the messenger from the gods to humans.

Rich in history, Pyrrha Intaglios are cast from antique Greek and Roman mythological relief carvings that were once collected as souvenirs by Europeans embarking on an educational rite of passage known as the Grand Tour.

  • Pyrrha talismans are cast using authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian era.
  • With symbolic meaning culled from heraldry each piece is designed to inspire the wearer.
  • Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Bronze talisman on a string of hand-knotted pearls or oxidized rope chain with a Pyrrha branded quality tag.
  • Fastens with a lobster clasp.
  • Comes with a hand torn meaning card and an unbleached cotton Pyrrha pouch.

  • Talisman measures approx. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4".

Collections: Pearls

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