Product Care


Pyrrha is easy to care for. Wearing your talisman is one of the best ways to prevent tarnishing, but over time air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes, and other natural elements can dull the lustre of metals and gemstones. 

To best maintain your Pyrrha talismans, follow these care guidelines:

  • Do not apply perfumes, lotions, or chemicals while wearing jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry before sleep or activities where it may be subjected to stress or friction.
  • To avoid tarnishing and discoloration, remove jewelry before swimming in chlorinated pools or hot tubs.
  • Never clean Pyrrha jewelry with silver jewelry cleanser or cleaning solutions with abrasives or ammonia, as harsh chemicals will remove any blackened/oxidized finish.
  • To remove oils and dirt, wipe your jewelry with a clean, soft cloth before returning it to storage.
  • To avoid tarnishing and scratching, separately store each piece of jewelry in a Pyrrha jewelry bag.

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Regular wear with routine use of a polishing cloth helps prevent sterling silver and bronze jewelry from tarnishing. Bronze in particular needs to be polished regularly. Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and its composition can vary, therefore slight discrepancies in color may occur.

  • Clean sterling silver and bronze jewelry with a mild soapy water solution and a soft cotton cloth.
  • To preserve the intentional oxidation that gives Pyrrha jewelry its distinctive look, do not soak silver or bronze jewelry, and never clean jewelry with silver cleanser or harsh chemicals. 
  • Once cleaned, rinse with warm water, and be sure to dry jewelry completely. 


To clean your gold talisman, soak in a mild soapy water solution for 3-5 minutes. Gently clean using a cotton cloth, rinse, and be sure to dry it completely.


All gemstones including diamonds can chip, scratch, abrade, come loose, and attract oils that make them appear dull. 

  • Most precious and semi precious gemstones can be cleaned using a mild soapy water solution, with the exception of more fragile stones like rubies and emeralds, which should only be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Take particular care with opaque gemstones such as turquoise. Avoid direct contact with lotions and perfumes, which can be absorbed over time and cause permanent discoloration.  


Organic and soft, pearls require special care to retain their beauty. Unlike stones, natural skin oils keep freshwater pearls looking lustrous, eliminating the need for regular cleaning.

  • Gently clean pearls by wiping them with a mild soapy water solution (not detergent) dampened cloth. Do not soak pearls. Once washed, rinse off any soap residue and dry pearls thoroughly.
  • Soft and easily scratched, only wipe pearls with soft fabrics and take care to store them separate from other jewelry.
  • Please note that pearls require humidity; do not store them in an arid or airtight environment as they may crack.

What do I do if my Pyrrha jewelry needs a repair?

If your jewelry is in need of repair, email customer service with the subject header 'REPAIR' and we will be happy to assist you.

For more details about repairs please visit our Returns & Repairs page.