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Heart of the dog: Our furry friends at our L.A. store

September 11, 2018 2 min read

Heart of the dog: Our furry friends at our L.A. store


The last dog who was part of my immediate family was a kind and gentle bull mastiff named Joshua. I was a kid, but I guess I’ve never gotten over that dog, and haven’t had the heart to get another. Still, I’ve found an extended dog family in the most unexpected place: at our flagship store in Los Angeles

One of the most appealing things about the Pyrrha store is that it’s in the heart of walkable West Hollywood. We’re not only in close proximity to Crossroads Kitchen, which makes Danielle and I giddy, but we draw in a constant mix of wandering tourists, die-hard collectors, local stylists, and friends from the neighborhood, often with their canine companions. Some of the latter have been coming in for years for a cold bowl of water and a peanut butter treat.

Our store manager, Jo, has countless anecdotes about the ‘dogs of Pyrrha.’ One of the most recent is about Mac, whose adoring owners had his collar custom fit with a sterling silver “Heart of the Wolf” talisman. Jo confirms that Mac is more than worthy of the symbolism behind his new talisman, whose meaning card confirms that he is, indeed, “a misunderstood creature of high intelligence, fierce loyalty, and deep compassion.”

The actor Michael Emerson recently gave his wife, actor Carrie Preston, Initial talismans ‘C’ and ‘M’ to celebrate their pup, Chumley. An adorable senior retriever, Abby, wears a Heart Lock talisman. And some of our most enduringly popular talismans are those that feature images of dogs sometimes purchased to commemorate a special pet but also, we’re often told, for their symbolism around loyalty, constancy, and friendship between humans.

Danielle and I admit that one of our favorite Pyrrha dogs is a rescue named Buddy, who belongs to staff member Heidi. We love when Buddy’s caramel face and perky ears greet us at the shop’s door — he’s our ambassador of unconditional affection.

Visit us at the store at 8315 West 3rd St. in LA and get some for yourself.



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